We have partnered up with our favourite pottery maker SHPRIXIELAND in the Kootenays to offer a set that represents 2020.  We are selling GIFT CERTIFICATES for the orders to be filled come mid January 2021. The cutting board that is offered in this kit is made from Bamboo.  If you wanted to upgrade on the wood and for us to use a different cut of wood, we can do that but the price will be a bit higher.  You can cut and/or serve on the board.  It is food safe and hand washer safe.  The mugs are made by Heath and Pixie and we sell as a set.  The verse on the cutting board is the definition of The FUCKENING.  We just thought it was a fitting souvenior for a year that has been like no other in about a 100 years.  Happy Holidays.... 

Cutting Board and Custom Mug 2020

  • Because of the Christmas rush and such happening we are offering Gift Certificates that can be given to the recipient in time for XMAS gift giving and we will send you the certificate and a picture of what the set looks like so they know what they are going to be receiving. 

    We will start processing orders starting on January 10th onwards.

  • Please visit this amazing Pottery Studio located on the East Shore of the Kootenays.  Heath and Pixie are two extremely talented human beings who produce all their products right on their property just like us at Driftwood Works Inc.  They have whimsy and humour encased all in one amazing line of products.  



    Instagram : @SHPRIXIELAND