ONES MEMORIES -Orb/Orgone Pyramids using Ashes of a Human Loved One.

We have partnered up with Eternal Glassworks to create beautiful memories with your loved ones ashes by creating an Orb or Pendant piece and that piece is inserted into an Orgone Pyramid. This is a special piece that will be something you can look at daily and remember the sweet memories of your loved one. We provide this service for both Human and Animal cremated remains. See our 'ALL PRODUCT or MORE' SECTION TO PREORDER and for more information.

My Dad and Daniels Grandfather Orb/Orgone Memorial Pyramid

This ORB/ORGONE is titled DadXO. Dad was many things to me. He was an amazing Grandfather to Daniel. He was Daniels first mentor in life as Daniel grew up without a present father. My Dad taught him woodworking at the age of 10. He built me a planter as his first piece. My Dad was my sports coach in Fastpitch for over 14 years. He and I had a very special relationship where sports was involved. He loved XMAS more then we did. He taught Daniel the value of making money. My Dad is now a spirit animal in my life and appears as a Dragonfly in the warmer months. He was born in August so that would figure.

This is Ashlea who is owner of Eternal Glassworks. She is the artist who takes the small amount of ashes of the Loved One and encases them in glass and shapes the glass piece to a form that you request. She can do this with Human and Animal ashes.

This is Karen of Driftwood Works. She will explain to you how the orgone is made. Karen takes great care and attention to making sure every aspect of a piece has enduring memories included and that the intentions are very clear.

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